What is 'Choices' ?

'Choices' is a free health and information service set up by Prestatyn Town Council's Healthy Community Team.

Choices Non - Celebrity Fit Club !  It is an exercise referral scheme for the people of Prestatyn & Meliden.

It is a 12 week programme for anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle, through exercise and diet, offering advice, guidance and encouragement along the way.

Each week  for 12 consecutive weeks you shall attend one of two sessions, either on a Tuesday or Thusday.

The course includes an initial health and fitness assessment which will assess you for any of the 5 risk factors of heart disease.

The sessions will include different activities and relaxation to help improve mobility, flexibility and fitness / energy levels.

This is followed by an informal chat about various health related issues, for example:

  • Understanding cholesterol / transfats
  • Food labelling
  • Weight loss and activity

Plus any other topics you may wish to discuss with us!

Choices Cards                                                              

In addition to the free sessions, each week you shall be given vouchers to attend any of the classes and gyms on our main "Choices" activity programme, for example Tai Chi, Salsa Aerobics, Pilates but to name just a few.

This is a free service, and all we ask is that you return after 12 weeks to see what improvements you have achieved.

Why Bother?

Inactivity and poor diet soon make us feel sluggish and doing the smallest of tasks starts to feel like really hard work and so we go into a downward spiral. Eventually this lifestyle can lead to disease such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Bone and Joint problems and Depression. A few simple changes can help prevent this happening. After as little as 4 weeks into the programme most people will notice an improvement in mobility, sleep, weight management and stress. The more you do, the more you will feel like doing. The course points you in the right direction, and does not make you do anything you don't want to do. The main criterion for the course is that you want to improve your own health.

Who can use this service? 'Choices' is open to anyone in the Prestatyn and Meliden area.If you have a medical problem and are worried that the course is not suitable for you, you may ask your GP to refer you. With your permission he will pass on any information he thinks necessary to enable us to meet your needs. There are a few groups of people who due to unstable medical conditions may not be suitable for the course, but who will gain from dietary and activity advice. Anyone is welcome to pop along for an informal chat.

Where to find us?

Prestatyn Town Council Buildings (Next to Halifax ) 7 Nant Hall Rd Prestatyn.

When are we Open?

For pop in sessions for information and advice please feal free to call in onTuesdays  from 9.30 - 11.30

To book an appointment pop in or Tel :01745 881953/5/0

Appointments for enrolment are limited so don't delay book today. Martin Fearnley: Co-ordinator. Sue Edwards: Community Cardiac Exercise Instructor,

and Debbie Hughes Community Project Worker.