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"Make your own way to better health with 18 enjoyable walks"

A small change is a big step!


Try this plan to get walking into your life:
Starting off

Week 1 Two walks of 10 minutes on three days per week .
Week 2 & 3 Two walks of 12 minutes on four days per week.
Week 4 Two walks of 15 minutes on 4 days per week
Week 5 - 9 Two walks of 15 minutes per day on four days a week. Try to increase your pace slightly or include a route which has some inclines or low hills. Aim to go walking on 5 days per week.
Staying with it
Week 10+
Aim for a brisk pace and challenge yourself with steeper inclines or hills.

Experts say that "brisk walking" means doing a mile in 15 - 17 minutes,
anything less is a stroll

It all counts!!!
Make it part of your daily routine!

Tips to get started:
Think before you drive less than a mile - walk to the local shop or post box
Throw away the TV remote controll
Get off the bus a stop earlier
Park the car further away at the supermarket
Take the stairs instead of the lift
Enjoy a walking lunch - walk to the park and eat
your sandwiches
  "Borrow" a friend's dog and take it for a walk
Walk the children to school when you can

If you find any week difficult, repeat the week (rather than adding more time) untill you are able to progress comfortably

If you find it inconvenient to fit in a 30 minute walk then try doing three walks of ten minutes during the day

Consider walking a route which has some gentle gradients