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Walk 13- Location, Craig Park, Dyserth - Category
  Description   Country walk along walkway, quiet country lanes and footpaths. Undulating with a gradual hill of moderate gradient.
  Interesting Points   Pleasant country route passing site of old Dyserth castle.
  General Risk Assessment   Low risk, footpaths slippy after rain - suitable footwear recommended.
  Direction   Start walk by turning right out of car park climbing up short hill to railway bridge, move up onto walkway onto bridge. Follow walkway towards Dyserth until meeting bridge over head. Turn left up steps turning right onto Pandy Lane. Continue up lane, old castle site and quarry on left, follow till meeting road junction. Turn left and cross over to Graig Fawr car park, pass through gate turning left onto field/hillside keeping hedge row to your left adjacent to road follow 200m meeting path down through woods returning to railway bridge and start.
  Way Markers   Car park / Bridge / Pandy Lane junction.